Everything is Energy
-Albert Einstein

When we think about changing our lives for the better, we might think first about eliminating bad habits, adding whole, clean foods, and exercising regularly.

All of these are important.

But still, something is missing.

Without including your body's energy systems, these great new lifestyle choices will have a harder time taking hold. That's why practices like meditation and yoga have been so much in the news. 

And there are other, less-known energy practices that can help you release those hard-to-pinpoint things that are holding you back: EFT helps release anxiety, old trauma, phobias, and more; Reiki brings a sense of peace and balance to both body and mind. Pranayama, or breath work, has been shown to greatly reduce stress and to rapidly calm the nervous system.

Why just use one tool when there are so many complementary ones that will bring you vitality and peace!

Speaking of complementary, these practices do not replace your usual doctor visits or medications - they work alongside them, often enhancing their effects. Talk to you doctor about these energy practices. 

Then talk to me about putting together a program designed especially for you and your needs. 

Call or email me today and start living life as it was meant to be lived!

Jeannette Howard, E-RYT-500, EFT Int-1, Adv Reiki III


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to be lived.

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