Energy Work

Although how Energy practices such as Reiki or EFT (and many other modalities) work still eludes us, Science has turned its attention to discovering whether it works. The answer, again and again, is turning out to be YES!

That's why you may have noticed your local hospital offering Reiki or Jin Shin Jyutsu to its patients and their families. Or more acupuncture clinics opening in your town. Or more chiropractors offering yoga, Reiki, and other services through their offices.

The best way to understand Energy work is to experience it. Try a calming, healing Reiki session and see what happens! If you have a fear or phobia that you just can't shake, give EFT a try!

There are no side-effects or contraindications. It won't interfere with any medications or medical procedures -- in fact, Energy Work will help these things work even more efficiently!

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