Private Yoga 

Whether your physical challenges are due to:

Low energy
Diagnosed conditions
Injury or illness
Poor sleep
General inattention
Natural aging process

Yoga can help you reconnect.

Personalized, private yoga classes in your own home* will allow you to create and maintain a personal practice and establish a lifestyle that leads to greater health. A private yoga session is centered on YOU and your own, unique needs and goals. Your body, mind and spirit are nurtured and challenged in ways you can't get in a group setting.
Together we develop a practice that supports your personal goals while taking into account any limitations you perceive in your life, whether physical or emotional. 
If you are ready to come to a level of health and vitality that you thought had passed you by, contact me about my suite of offerings.

Go to the Contact Me page to make an appointment, or call 973-722-1517 to speak to Jeannette.

*or alternate location