Yoga is for Everyone
who wants to affect change

"Oh, darn, I should have, but now it's too late!" 

I hear this from friends and acquaintances when I suggest that a yoga practice will help them feel better. It is NOT too late. In fact, now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to yoga.

Here are some ways I've been able to help my students:

R wouldn't get on the floor to play with her grandchild because it was too scary going down, and she had to use the couch to struggle back up. Now she can sit on a pillow on the floor and play, and she can get up without an embarrassing struggle.

T found balance poses difficult. This worried her because she knew that as she aged, it was becoming even more important to avoid falls. Starting at the wall, we incorporated lots of balance poses into her practice. T can now do most of those without holding on and her body confidence has soared.

C was feeling stiff and inflexible. In her early 50's with a new desk job and no regular exercise, she was starting to feel "old". Yoga helped her reconnect with her body (oh, hello shoulder blades! Glad to see you're still there, toes!), regain flexibility, and feel good about herself again. 

If you are ready to come to a level of health and vitality that you thought had passed you by, contact me about my suite of offerings.

Through mind and body practices you can find your optimal level of well-being.

Have you lost touch with your toes? Have your hips turned against you? Become friends with your body again!

Yoga can help you reconnect.

Call or email me today and start living life as it was meant to be lived!  973-722-1517

The benefits of yoga move beyond just a good stretch. Yoga at its best offers so much more. On the physical side, flexibility and balance improve, muscles and bones become stronger, blood pressure can lower. Many infirmities that you've taken as inevitable signs of aging will lessen or disappear!

The mental and emotional benefits are the icing on the cake, though! Improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and a clear mind can also be found through a regular yoga practice. In time, you'll find yourself responding to situations rather than reacting to them. Think about that a minute -- how lovely to be in control of your interactions with loved ones and the world!

One more thing -- you are NOT too old/fat/stiff/cranky for yoga. You just need the right kind of class. Contact Jeannette to talk about what might be best for you. 

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